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Smart Living

Smart Living Life by Panasonic

Optimum door time

Four-panel center opening doors are adopted to make door time (door opening and closing time) significantly shorter than two-panel two-speed sliding doors. Irritation with slowly moving doors will be eliminated.
* SLIM(-LONG) : Six-panel center opening doors

Door open hold extension
Door opening time can be extended up to 3 minutes. This function make the aged and wheelchair user to use in relief.

User-friendly car operating panel

User-friendly car operating panel is on the one of the side car wall panels. The car position is indicated vividly. This has large-sized buttons to allow everyone to use easily.

Handrails : Horizontal type

Handrail is specially designed for the convenience and safety, especially for the aged and wheel chair user.

LED Light

Rated life is as 13 times as longer than Fluorescent light. It reduces the trouble of the replacement bulbs.

Pressure Type fan

Blow the air to the room. Popular in the tropical zone.


Front and rear openings

Front and rear openings can be provided as an optional feature to allow users to board the elevator car from the front entrance at a landing and to leave the elevator car from the rear doors at another landing. This arrangement provides opportunities for flexible house floor plans.

* Fit : Not-available

Rear car wall panel with Mirror

A mirror can be provided on the rear car wall panel as an option.

* can not equip with the plan of Front and rear openings or Observation window.

Observation Window

Observation Window is specially designed for the comfort to see the beautiful garden and for the safety to be seen from the outside.

* WIDE : Option
* MIDI(-LONG), SLIM(-LONG), FIT : Not-available
* Can not equip with the plan of Front and rear openings or Mirror

Wainscot for wheelchair

It protects the car panel from the damage of striking with the wheelchair.

Handrail : Vertical type

* WIDE : Option
* MIDI LONG, SLIM(-LONG). FIT : Non-available