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Mechanical Door Safety Device

Light beam door protection system
Our all products use Mechanical Door Safety Device as standard features. It will reopen the closing doors when touched. WIDE equips light beam door protection system as standard. It emits invisible light beam across the elevator entrance, and if beam is interrupted, the doors will reopen immediately.

* Light beam door protection system
WIDE : Standard
MIDI(-LONG), SLIM(-LONG), FIT: Not Available

15mm running clearance

Panasonic technology has made it possible to reduce the clearance between the sills of the entrance and the elevator car to as narrow as 10mm, the Industry's smallest. This significantly enhances safety in using the elevator especially for people in a wheelchair or witha a cart.

Leveling adjustment
Adjust the level differences in automatically

Automatic Landing for Power Failure

In the event of a power failure, you do not have to worry about being standed in the elevator. Standby power and car lighting is made readily available to bring the elevator safely to the bring the elevator safely to the nearest lower landing or the bottom landing. When the elevator arrives at the nearest lower landing or the bottom landing, the doors will automatically open..

Parking key switch

Parking key switch at entrance renders the elevator inoperative. The device is safety function for children not to play with the home elevator.
* for one floor

Automatic home landing
When the elevator is not in use for a fixes period time you can make the elevator to move to and wait at home floor which previously you set up.

Call cutout
Call cutout can be set not to stop the floor where you don't want to stop at.


Earthquake operation
This device has a sensor for tremors. When the sensor detects a tremor with a magnitude beyond the predetermined level, the device will automatically stop elevator operation or bring the elevator to the nearest landing if the elevator is running.

!! When earthquake occurs!!
Do not use elevator, even after earthquake seizes. We recommend
you to have a professional check.

Additional Parking key switch

It is possible to add the Parking key switch for each floors as an optional feature.

Multi Beam Door Sensor

The Multi Beam Door Sensor emits invisible 134 light beams across the elevator entrance, and if any beam is interrupted the doors will reopen immediately.

134beams prevent getting caught in the doors not only passengers but also Pet leach or Appliance cord etc.